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Large Bag Bundle

6 large zero waste bags
Zero Waste Bag Bundle
Product image 16 large zero waste bags
Product image 2Zero Waste Bag Bundle

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Order the large Zero Waste Bags bundle. 

The bundle includes:

  • 6 Large Zero Waste Bags (600x590x40mm)

With Zero Waste bags choose to recycle one of 14 different types of rubbish listed below: 

  • All Plastic Packaging
  • Crisps Packets & Snack Wrappers
  • Contact Lenses & Packaging
  • Beauty Products & Packaging
  • Empty Medicine Blister Packs 
  • Petfood Packaging
  • Storage Media
  • Oral Care Waste & Packaging 
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Stationary
  • Fabrics & Clothing
  • Food & Drink Pouches
  • Non-Electronic Toys
  • Water Filters


Make sure to only collect one type of rubbish per bag and drop off one bag per locker. Keep your Zero Waste Bag in a dry place and keep it away from wet surfaces. 

Your Zero waste bags will be shipped to your mailbox through Royal Mail within 5 working days. No need for you to be home to collect them!

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