The TerraCycle team

A green solution unlike any other - and not just because it’s purple!

Zero Waste Bag is an all-in-one innovative solution developed by award-winning waste experts at TerraCycleⓇ. This convenient solution makes it possible to recycle 14 different types of hard-to-recycle rubbish at minimal cost to you - and at great benefit to the planet! 

Unlike the majority of recycling companies, which concentrate on economically valuable waste streams like aluminium, paper, or specific types of plastic, TerraCycle develops collection and recycling processes for hundreds of types of hard-to-recycle products and packaging - i.e rubbish your local council won’t recycle: contact lenses, crisp packets, toothbrushes, and more.

Zero Waste Bag is but one of our solutions. To find out more about TerraCycle and join us on our journey to move the world from a linear economy to a circular one, please visit!