• International leader in recycling the hard-to-recycle since 2003

  • Over 65,000 items recycled with Zero Waste Bag in the first year

  • Advanced third-party accreditation

Recycle what you couldn’t before with Zero Waste Bag

Better for the planet

Keep hard-to-recycle rubbish out of landfill and incinerators with Zero Waste Bag. Recycle cosmetics, blister packs, and 12 other hard-to-recycle waste streams not typically accepted by councils.

TerraCycle is different from your local recycling service. Kerbside recyclers typically only accept items they can profit from recycling. If the cost of collecting and processing the rubbish is lower than the value of the resulting raw materials, it will be locally recyclable. If the costs are higher, then it likely won’t be.

The good news is most rubbish can technically be recycled. Your Zero Waste Bag purchase funds this recycling process.

Putting waste to work

TerraCycle is the only third-party audited recycler that guarantees all accepted waste will be recycled. Our prices include the shipping, processing, and recycling fees. 

After we recycle the waste into raw material, it’s sold to manufacturing companies who produce the end product and complete the recycling journey. These products may include outdoor furniture and decking, plastic shipping pallets, storage containers and bins, tubes for construction applications, and so much more. 

How we recycle