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Recycle with Zero Waste Bag and do your bit for the planet and your community!  

Way to go! Your community is well on its way to earning another recycled item.

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Recycled park benches

Stationery, pet food pouches, medicine blister packs… these types of packaging can’t be recycled by your local council. Not because it’s impossible for them to do so, but rather because it’s not economically sound for them to take them on. More often than not, these hard-to-recycle items end up in landfills or incinerated where the precious materials they are made of waste away and pollute. Tossing them aside means we continue to rely heavily on extracting raw materials from the Earth to create new products. 

With Zero Waste Bag, we’re trying to bridge the gap, asking you to pay a little bit more, in order to do a lot less harm.

Kids sitting on recycled park bench and table

By recycling with us, you’re actively contributing to a circular economy by ensuring materials are kept in use.  Click here to find out more about our recycling process.

Our prices include all the processing and recycling fees, and we guarantee that none of the compliant rubbish you send us ends up in landfills or incinerated. 

Some of the rubbish you help recycle will be turned into benches, playgrounds, and more! These will then be donated to local councils, schools and charities so that everyone can enjoy them.

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