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Check out the list of accepted waste streams, pick your plan, and place your order!

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Tick off the waste stream you want to recycle on the bag and start collecting. Make sure to only collect one type per bag!

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Log in to your account to request an InPost shipping QR code and drop off your bag at your nearest InPost Locker - if you're dropping off multiple bags, remember it's one bag per locker.

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Your Zero Waste Bag will then be sent to TerraCycle and we’ll #RecycleEverything, including the bag!

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Recycle More

Beauty products, mixed plastic packaging, oral care waste… with Zero Waste Bag, you can recycle 14 different waste streams that your local council won’t accept. But remember, you can only recycle one type of rubbish per bag!

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Building a playground from recycled materials

Do your bit for the planet, #RecycleEverything!

By using Zero Waste Bags, not only are you actively contributing to a circular economy by keeping materials in use, but you’re also doing your bit for the community. Some of the rubbish recycled through your Zero Waste Bags will be turned into benches, playgrounds, and more. These will then be donated to local schools, councils and charities!

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