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Introductory Bundle

Introductory Bundle

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The bundle includes:

  • 1 Small Zero Waste Bag (255x350mm, the bag expands to 40mm in the middle and holds approx. 3.5 L of waste)
  • 1 Large Zero Waste Bag (600x590mm, the bag expands to 40mm in the middle and holds approx. 14 L of waste)

Our small Zero Waste Bag takes an average of 3 months to fill and our large Zero Waste Bag takes an average of 4.5 months to fill based on customer return feedback. For more accurate results of units per bag/type of rubbish collected click here.

With Zero Waste bags choose to recycle one of 14 different types of rubbish listed below: 

  • All Plastic Packaging
  • Crisps Packets & Snack Wrappers
  • Contact Lenses & Packaging
  • Beauty Products & Packaging
  • Empty Medicine Blister Packs 
  • Petfood Packaging
  • Storage Media
  • Oral Care Waste & Packaging 
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Stationary
  • Fabrics & Clothing
  • Food & Drink Pouches
  • Non-Electronic Toys
  • Water Filters
  • Your Zero Waste Bags will be shipped to you through Royal Mail within 5 working days. No need for you to be home to collect them! 
  • Keep your Zero Waste Bag in a dry place away from wet surfaces.
  • Send back your full bags with InPost. Check your nearest locker location here.
  • Make sure to only collect one type of rubbish per bag and drop off one bag per locker. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Maureen Helm
Intro pack

These are a great idea, the large bag is pretty big, I've almost filled in around 4 to 5 weeks. The small good for less used items. I would just suggest it would be good if there were more choices for multi packs. Maybe 2 medium plus 2 small, 4 small, 4 large, 2 if each....
Also the large bags do take up considerable space maybe a handle on it to hang it in a cupboard would help.

Thank you for your feedback we really appreciate it!

Christine Broadhurst
Free from Guilt

Using Zero Waste Bags for my medicine blister packs and plastic that is not accepted by the supermarkets has taken some of the guilt away from me. I hated having to put these in the rubbish that goes to landfill and by using these bags I feel I am doing my bit to help with plastic waste.

Thanks for your reivew! We are so happy to recycle your rubbish

N Hadley
Great idea

Loving being able to recycle our medicine blister packs, they make up such a large part of our rubbish otherwise. The large bag is good for recycling old fabrics too. Easy to order and easy to return!

Thank you for your review!

Annie Moreton
Wish there was a medium size

It's quite pricey, but I feel we ought to pay the real cost of recycling if we can. The small bag is too small, but the big one takes too much room for too long in small flat.

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate your honest reveiws of our new product :)

Al Clarkson
Zero waste bags

Great bags and I feel good being able to recycle at home. I didn’t really need a large and small though as I can put my crisp bags in with the other plastic I wanted to recycle. I don’t really use enough of other products to justify a separate bag. I think this is very expensive though.

Thank you for your feedback!

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