Our pricing plans

Our prices are all-inclusive. This means that they include the price of the bag itself, the cost of transport (delivery and collection), as well as all the processing and recycling costs - and we guarantee that none of the rubbish you send us will end up in landfills or incinerated. 

We acknowledge that embracing eco-friendly habits and increasing your recycling efforts may seem like an investment. On average, users typically require only 4 small bags or 2 to 3 large bags annually for any specific waste stream, translating to a monthly cost of £7 to £10, depending on bag size and the type of rubbish recycled*
For more accurate results of units per bag/ type of rubbish click here.

*Based on our customers' feedback. Estimated units and average fill time are strictly estimates and can vary based on an individual customer’s usage habits.
  • Customer Survey Feedback

    They are huge! The medicine blister packs take up no space at all in the small ones, snack packaging shrinks down and oral waste isn’t frequent.

  • DW

    I ordered the large bag thinking it would fill up quickly, but no it still has a way to go so it is really cost effective.

  • Charlotte

    The 'small' bag belies its name - it will be a while before I fill it with medicine blister packs!

Bundles - get more, for less!

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