Our pricing plans

Our pricing plans

Our prices are all-inclusive. This means that they include the price of the bag itself, the cost of transport (delivery and collection), as well as all the processing and recycling costs - and we guarantee that none of the rubbish you send us will end up in landfills or incinerated. 

We acknowledge that embracing eco-friendly habits and increasing your recycling efforts may seem like an investment. On average, users typically require only 4 small bags or 2-3 large bags annually for any specific waste stream, translating to a monthly cost of £7-10, depending on bag size and the type of rubbish recycled*
*Based on our customers' feedback. Estimated units and average fill time are strictly estimates and can vary based on an individual customer’s usage habits.

Subscription - Zero waste, Zero hassle!

Tired of the hassle of entering your details again... and again, then our subscription model is made for you. Automatically receive renewals - and enjoy a discount! You can opt-out at any time. 

Simply select 'monthly subscription' when choosing a bundle or an individual order, sign in, and recycle! 

Not sure what to go for? We encourage you to start with our Introduction Bundle and adjust later based on your needs.

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